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Refugee Ron Hergodts wins on stage and tops the leader's jersey on tour of the Czech Republic |  Cycling

Refugee Ron Hergodts wins on stage and tops the leader’s jersey on tour of the Czech Republic | Cycling

Rune Herregodts (Sport Vlaanderen) won the first stage of the Czech Republic Tour, the Sazka Tour. From the flight he was able to survive and beat his compatriot Johann Mainz in the enemy. Herregodts may also wear the first captain’s jersey.

Three Belgian teams have arrived in the Czech Republic for the Sazka Tour. Send Sport Valandrine and Pulse Susan Penguin with respectively Ron Hergodts And Johann Mainz are two passengers on a flight of 5.

For Prostejov the stage seemed to be for the runners, but they miscalculated and in the end the Runaways remained 22 seconds.

Herregodts had a little more surplus at the end than Meens, thus repeating his number from Ruta del Sol, earlier this year. Until then he was allowed to wear the leader’s jersey after winning the opening stage.

It might be a short adventure for Herregodt, because tomorrow we’re heading into the mountains, with the final climb to Pustevny (7.9 km and 6.6% on average).

Result stage 1
1. Ron Hergodts 4 h 24’00”
2. Johan Mains zt
3. Michael Cockerley (CH)
4. Jean Caspar (CJ)
5. Alexander Tarleton (Germany) at 3″
6. Filippo Fortin (ETA) 22 inches
Ranking after stage 1
1. Ron Hergodts
2. Johan Mains 5 “
3. Michael Corkley 8 inch

Ron Hergodts: “I’m not going to achieve an all-out victory”

“Because there weren’t too many starting runners here, there was a good chance of an early breakup,” said Ron Hergodts. “It was a serious fight before we could form the leading group and we could build on our leadership.”

Suddenly the leading group was sent in the wrong direction. “Of course we are following the cars and engines in front of us. It is not unusual for there to be a slight deviation from the redirected GPX, but when we suddenly got into normal traffic, I realized it wasn’t right. In the end we are back on track,” continued Hergodts. .

The question now is whether Lokeraar wants to defend his yellow jersey until Sunday. “This is my first race after the new reinforcements. I don’t want to stay here for four days. There is still a test version of the European Championship this month and there are more races to come. Nice one day races. I wouldn’t lose sleep for that, but if I can manage to Winning this round without consuming too much energy, I would be crazy to miss it.”

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