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Reimerswaal Alliance still round: Controversial gender is in the passage

The SGP will have two full-time Aldermen, the LR will have a full-time and a part-time Alderman.

The New Testament also contains a paragraph on diversity and gender neutrality: ‘All our employees and residents can be treated equally regardless of their background and social status. We treat diversity with respect. There are differences between men and women. We are not going to approach all residents with gender neutrality. ‘

As for the pvdA, this paragraph, and especially the inner section on the interpretation of the last sentence, is the reason for leaving the alliance. However, SGP and Leefbaar Reimerswaal found no reason to delete the sentences.

Even if the PvdA is dropped, there is no reason for either party to write a completely new agreement because they believe the existing document finds sufficient support in the Council. “All parties have stated their priorities in a constructive manner,” said Morton Both (SGP).

What changes in grants to the Podium Reimerswall Cultural Center. They are gradually removed. According to both and party leader Marion Westtrade (LR), there are important tasks such as overcoming poverty and building 300 new homes.

Only Morton (SGP) and Nico van der Host (LR) are known as Alderman candidates. The other two will be revealed next week. The coalition parties informed other councils on Friday afternoon about the outcome of the final talks. The new council is expected to take office at an additional council meeting on Tuesday, July 12.