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Research confirms: Overmars committed aggressive behavior in Ajax, Antwerp takes note of reports

Research confirms: Overmars committed aggressive behavior in Ajax, Antwerp takes note of reports

A disciplinary investigation by the agency Bezemer & Schubad within Ajax confirmed the cross-border behavior of Marc Overmars (49). Important for Antwerp: No charges have been brought or reported against the Dutch director of football. Antwerp took note of the report and the announcements made by Ajax.

Marc Overmars resigned from Ajax at the beginning of February, after it became known that a number of women had received sexual messages across the border from him. Bezemer & Schubad, the research agency set up after Ajax reported the case to the Institute of Sports Law, learned that Overmars had already sent these messages over a longer period of time and spoke to women who had experienced them as “unpleasant” and “extremely unpleasant.” “.

“The investigation has revealed that a number of women within Ajax have experienced undesirable behaviour,” Ajax wrote on its website. This ranges from bad jokes, insulting or hurtful comments, unwelcome arm around the shoulder and other intrusive behaviour. No woman filed a complaint. But they reported him, because they were clearly annoyed with him. All reporters report that they find it difficult to raise undesirable behavior with confidential advisors or within the organization because they fear repercussions.”

Overmars performing in Antwerp. © BELGA

In response to the investigation, Lynn Megaard, Chair of the Supervisory Board at Ajax, said: “We are sorry that we were unable to provide a safe work environment for these women. Together with management and human resources, we will work on the intended improvements. Various reports show that there is work to be done. , so that it is clear to everyone that the unwanted behavior is not acceptable, and if something does happen, feel free to bring it up, contact each other for accountability and report it if necessary. We are grateful to the women who reported the undesirable behavior with accompanying examples to the researchers. Migard “We understand that this has not been easy at all.”

The Bezemer & Schubad report was already submitted to the Ajax Supervisory Board last week. The researchers’ most important conclusion is that the culture must change within Ajax, but this has nothing to do with the behavior of Overmars or Overmars. No charges have been brought or reported against the Dutch football director, who is now based in Antwerp. The Sports Law Institute has yet to issue a verdict in the case and can still indict Overmars for his cross-border behaviour. But a possible suspension will not apply in our country. Antwerp does not wish to respond to the case until it has been granted access to the Bezemer & Schubad report.

Great old response

Antwerp took note of the Ajax report and coverage on Tuesday. “RAFC commends Ajax’s willingness to take concrete steps to create a safe working environment for all of its employees,” Antwerp said on its website.

“As previously reported, the RAFC has been using a clear code of conduct for years and our club has implemented zero tolerance for unwanted behavior in the workplace. Our mission is to ensure a positive and safe work environment for every employee and ensure that everyone can report misconduct internally or externally. Nowhere In our club for inappropriate comments or behavior of any kind. This has been the case in the past and will remain so in the future.”

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