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Research: Lack of sleep makes you selfish |  health

Research: Lack of sleep makes you selfish | health

University of California researchers based on their study say that lack of sleep affects the way people interact with each other. They write about the results of their research in PLOS Biology.

It states that the researchers based their conclusions on three different experiments.

The first experiment, conducted around the time of daylight saving time, showed that just one hour of sleep had a significant effect on a person’s behavior. The researchers report that the number of donations to charities decreased by 10% one week after the start of daylight saving time in US states that have daylight saving time. In countries that do not return their watches, the number of donations has remained the same.

It may be a coincidence, but a second experiment also showed that a lack of sleep affects our social behavior. The researchers analyzed the test subjects’ brain activity at two moments: after a prolonged awakening and then after a good eight-hour night’s sleep. The ability to show empathy for fellow humans was found to be impaired after many hours of wakefulness.

Then the third experiment, in which it was shown that the quality of rest at night (and not the length of sleep) determines the willingness of a person to help another person. Scientists analyzed the sleep quality of more than 100 people for three to four nights, and then the study participants were asked to complete a questionnaire about their social behavior. According to this research, the better you get a good night’s rest, the less selfish you are.

“This study shows that sleep deprivation has a significant impact on society,” said Matthew Walker, one of the researchers. “So it seems that the way we behave as social animals depends a lot on the quality of our sleep.”

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