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Review: My Baby – Zak Zak Zak Zak (Album)

In music it’s about time, isn’t it? Now that the doors of clubs have opened again and the festive sun has begun to shine again, My Baby is coming out with a new album. Vin heir SilentThe Cosmopolitan trio’s hits around the world successfully from 2018 from Henzlow to New Zealand and from Glasenbury to Los Angeles, it’s no longer possible.

Never change the winning team, So My Baby has again recorded the album with Moses Meizer in their own studio, with whom they have worked on the previous three albums. Tjeerd Bomhof (Voicst), Mathias Janmaat (Bombay) and Englishman Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, The Prodigy) provided additional ears and product specifications. Input from both alternative rock and dance, worlds where My Baby knows how to blend well. Like Silent There is Soke Soke Soke Lots of exotic trees and scales. A dream I dreamed of And Do not fight it They are full and take the listener into the wonderful world of My Baby. But above all, New My Baby is a dance record, with unmistakable pulses it ends in exciting drops. The perfect post at the right time, because after sitting in bed for two years, the chance to jump on the exotic mix of rock, blues and dance is very appealing. Very difficult Soke Soke Soke You can already get a taste of it in the speakers. When it previously appeared single This is a system All you have to do is think of a hopping crowd. Party!

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