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Revised project map gets green light from permanent authorization (Brasschaat)

Revised project map gets green light from permanent authorization (Brasschaat)

The non-profit organization De Kaart Rond Tafel continues to protest the project’s map. © Jan Press


The Permanent Delegation of the Province of Antwerp has approved the revised assignment permit for the project map. In this the number of floors and the number of houses have been reduced and there are more parking spaces per housing unit. Permanent scarring sets some conditions.

The project map has a long history. It includes a comprehensive renovation of two primary schools with different networks, as well as the construction of a number of housing units. This way, the entire project remains budget-neutral.

The neighborhood united into the non-profit organization De Kaart rond Tafel and began litigating against the original schemes, which provided for 103 homes. Project developer Van Roey adapted the design and reduced the number of floors to a maximum of three. The number of housing units has been reduced to 80.

The number of plots has been rearranged, with more public spaces and an adjustment to the minimum depth of the garden. Scarring imposes certain conditions. One of these reasons is that the gym may not be used at the same time as the meeting room. By the way, only local activities are allowed here. Furthermore, the legate states that land in the public domain must be returned to the municipality free of charge and that all regulations of the fire brigade, Pidpa and the Nature and Forestry Agency must be followed.

Acting Mayor Philip Coles (N-VA) is satisfied. “This approval shows that a forward-thinking project deserves a place in an innovative municipality. After all, there is space for condominiums, kangaroo houses and assisted living studios.

The non-profit organization De Kaart Rond Tafel is now preparing proceedings in the Permit Dispute Board. They feel this has become too much of a housing project and too little school project. “Too much space is being provided for housing, which means that schools have to delineate too much space. The trees will disappear and the pressure on mobility will increase,” says de Kart Ronde Tavel. It is clear that this file, which was started during the previous legislature, has not yet been completed. Follow Favorite

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