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Ricardo and Alexandra go on a world trip without a plan: ‘Let’s see how it goes’

Fixed expenses, expensive housing and hopeless work. Riccardo (28) and Alexandra (30) saw it in the Netherlands and exchanged their safe lives for the trip of their dreams. “We don’t know how long we’ll be gone or how long we’ll be back.”

The couple has been living in The Hague for about seven years. Ricardo doesn’t want to be with his current boss anymore and Alexandra doesn’t find happiness in her job either. “We can look for something new or do what really makes us happy: see the world and discover other cultures.”

Now or never

“Buying a house these days seems impossible and energy prices keep rising. It got us thinking. Isn’t it really weird to spend so much money on things like this? We want to spend it on good memories. Since Ricardo and Alexandra don’t have kids yet and aren’t tied down to a mortgage, now is the best time to travel the world. appeared.

There is no end goal

The couple’s tour will begin in India in October. Asia and New Zealand are next on the list. Most of them are backpacking and staying in hostels and hotels. In the meantime they can buy a car or camper to continue their journey. It is not yet known what their path will be. “We’re keeping all options open. Maybe we’ll tire after a few months, maybe we’ll be gone forever. We’ll see.”

During the journey they hope to find what they really want in life. “We might want to settle in Canada or Australia. But we’ll be on the road forever, and that’s possible too.

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no worry

The fact that neither has a clear plan gives them a sense of freedom, although giving up control is crazy. At least they don’t care. “When we come back or we run out of savings, we find a job like washing dishes. The most important thing to us is that we have a good time and have fun.

Want to continue the journey? The couple is in love A blog and A Instagram page Bee.

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