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Rivals on the horizon?  Pedro Elias in "The Smartest Person" alludes to the relationship between Ella Layers and Rick Verhey |  The smartest person in the world

Rivals on the horizon? Pedro Elias in “The Smartest Person” alludes to the relationship between Ella Layers and Rick Verhey | The smartest person in the world

TelevisionCome see and win. Studio 100 head Gert Verhulst did it in “The smartest person in the world.” Simply hand over his name card. The name is Verhulst. Fairholst changed. And so Ella Laers and Jonas Geirnert played the final. in an impressive way. Five questions and 23 correct answers later, record holder Leyers was once again allowed to decide. A little earlier, Pedro Elias made it clear that he also loves Ella, as well as Rick Ferhey.

The twentieth season of “The Smartest Person in the World” began on a happy note. with important candidates. Good contests and good TV characters. Men and women already known. And you don’t want or need to be known by this test. No questions asked to downsize. It’s a breath of fresh air.

As befits good episodes, all of the essential components of “The Smartest Man” were present in this “very smartest man”. The level is played, but the photo and video tour made the difference as always. Jonas especially shone in the photo tour, but eventually Geert pulled the paper toward him as he whistled.

The final between Ella and Jonas was a gem. First, Ella Jonas played ten correct answers to two questions. Jonas then gave twelve correct answers to the following three questions. Get out of Ella, the favourite. She may have been a little touched by the jury’s favor. Her sweetheart, Rick Ferhey, was naturally focused on Ella. But Pedro Elias did as well. Although accurate. “I love Ella too, but I’ve known Jonas for eighteen years…”

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If you look carefully all the way into the hole, you’ve seen and heard how Eric Van Lowe made a rare mistake. “Tomorrow another episode of” The Smartest Person in the World “, sounded. The power of habit, because he forgot that this season is “The Smartest Person.”

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best quotes

Changed (about the level of the test): “In previous seasons, one of the three participants had a chance to be more rude than you, but now they are all winners.”

Changed (about aging): “In 2014 everything was fresh and fruity, now everything is still there, but it is not coming out anymore. Everything is going a little slower.”

Ella (about Gert): “A pretty strong opponent. I don’t think he’s crazier than me.”

Rick (or the island of temptation that would be his): “Sure. If it wasn’t filmed.” (Ella will be happy to hear that).

Changed (on hearing and seeing a Limburg Norse impersonator): “It’s extraordinary what we’re experiencing here, Eric.”

Pedro (to Gert after asking if he actually fought): “You can take money out of people’s pockets…”

Ella (after losing): “I don’t mind losing to the real ‘smart guy in the world’. Now I’m your biggest fan.”

fun moments

In conversation, Rick and Pedro talked for minutes about Pedro’s circumcision. How did it take so long to shave his pubic hair and how to take selfies during circumcision.

The candidates let themselves go when the question is whether Princess Elizabeth has a theme park attraction to her name. Jonas: “That would be strange: I sat on Princess Elizabeth.” Or changed: “I was imprisoned in Elizabeth for four hours.”

When asked if Rick and Pedro are married, Pedro begins to get a big kick with Rick. He clearly saw the lessons of Bart Peters in kissing.

Watch also: Pedro and Rick celebrate their friendship with a kiss from the heart.

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Transformation moments

Experienced filters allow 3-6-9 to pass and “Open Door” also passes without any hitches. The “puzzle” proved too difficult for the trio, causing Ella to fall behind. Ella and Jonas play a perfect photoshoot. Geert fumbles, but sets it all right in a resounding 220-second movie run. and wins.

The final match between Ella and Jonas from the penalty spot. Five questions, 23 correct answers. At first, Ella appears to play Jonas at home with ten correct answers to two questions, but Jonas takes charge and in turn scores twelve correct answers to three questions. Ella must especially blame herself for withholding the names of the last five CD&V chiefs.

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Final score (for the final match)

1. Changed Fairholst: 417 sec.

2. Jonas Gernert: 366 seconds.

The result

1. Jonas Gernert: 2 entries, 1 win, 1 final win.

2. Ella Leyers: 2 entries, 1 final win, 1 final lost.

3. Changed Fairholst: One post, one win.


Delphine Lecompte (44), entry 2020.

6 entries, 3 wins.

Beware of Moldovan knife sharpeners.

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