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Robbie Williams did not recognize Barbra Streisand when meeting her: 'Just a nice old lady' |  showbiz

Robbie Williams did not recognize Barbra Streisand when meeting her: ‘Just a nice old lady’ | showbiz

Famous PeopleRobbie Williams, 48, did not recognize singer Barbra Streisand, 80, when he met her while on vacation. The singer had no idea who the star was and initially thought she was “just a nice old lady”, he said during an interview on BBC Radio 5.

The artists were introduced to each other by friends while on vacation in Tahiti. The first meeting was somewhat awkward, says the former “Take That” star. “Hello Barbara. Nice to meet you,” I said. “I thought she was a nice old woman. I sat next to her and it turned out to be Barbra Streisand. “Then I suddenly realized that,” the 48-year-old said.

The singer says Streisand had no idea who she was dating. According to Williams, the 80-year-old singer thought he was a soccer player because he participated in Soccer Aid, an annual soccer competition he held for charity. “People were talking about Soccer Aid and I just assumed I was playing soccer,” the singer says. “Then I quickly told her I was a singer. She said she liked it.”

Streisand has won several Oscars and Grammy Awards in her career. Williams became world famous with the song Take That, and as a solo artist, he recorded songs like Angels and Let Me Entertain You. His new album will be released next month: XXV.

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