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Rogers’ major network outage affects millions of Canadians – IT Pro – News

I am Canadian and have been living in British Columbia (British Columbia) for nearly 20 years. It might be a little off topic but it’s a sad case with the mobile competition. Here you have the Big Three (Rogers, Tellus and Bell) who match their prices so well that most people here refer to them as Robelus. Provinces like Quebec and Saskatchewan still have some efficiency, mainly because they still have a real independent competitor (Videotron and Saskatel), but other than that it’s a mess.

There is a CRTC that should organize this and work on behalf of the client, but I think it says enough that its head is also the head of one of the three carriers. Any attempt to break this predicament is doomed to failure, as Freedom Mobile (formerly Wind) is. It was bought by Shaw (the cable company) and Shaw is now bought by Rogers.

For smaller names like Public Mobile, Lucky, and Chatr, these are just affiliates, Telus, Bell, and Rogers respectively. MVNOs are independent in name only – on paper you can always trace them back to the Big Three.

Prices here go up regularly and there’s nothing to be done – it’s normal to pay $60 or more for your mobile plan, or $100+ for internet at home. My mother in Holland has a mobile subscription for 7€ and pays about 60 in total for TV/internet/phones, prices we only dare to dream about in Canada.

To keep the topic a bit more: Rogers is more famous in the eastern part of Canada so it didn’t bother us here in the Rocky Mountains – most connections are in Telus hands here.

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