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Rotterdam Airport no longer has room for additional flights this summer

Rotterdam Airport no longer has room for additional flights this summer

the interiorJun 23 22’22 6:12pmauthorBNR Web Editors

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is fully booked next summer. This means that until the end of August there will be no more room to take on additional flights from the very busy Schiphol. The last places mostly went to TUI Fly. Corendon had previously moved his flights to Rotterdam.

There has been great interest in the remaining slots at Rotterdam Airport. A spokesperson says the last places could have been filled twice. He did not mention other companies that want to claim the slots. It also applies to companies that have not yet flown to Rotterdam.

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Travel organization Corendon announced last week that it will fly 150 flights from Schiphol to Rotterdam. After that, two or three points a day were still available. Travel organization TUI announced earlier today that vacationers who booked a flight with TUI Fly can travel as usual. Like other travel organizations and airlines, TUI has also had to reduce the number of passengers in Schiphol.

Rotterdam can’t solve all Schiphol problems

“The problems at Schiphol are huge. As a relatively small airport, we cannot solve this. The space we still had for additional flights was limited. Fortunately for a number of holidaymakers we can ensure their journey continues,” said spokesman Raymond de Jong from Rotterdam Airport in The Hague.

It is not expected that airport staff will strike, as happened previously in Schiphol, in Rotterdam. De Jong: I can’t rule it out, but the situation in Rotterdam has been calm so far. As far as I understand, the staff at our airport are satisfied with their work.”

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Eindhoven is full, more space in other airports

Eindhoven Airport announced earlier this week that it may no longer have room for additional flights, in part due to an already full flight schedule in July. In August there were one or at most a few flights per day on Mondays. There was more space at Maastricht Aachen Airport and Groningen Eelde Airport.