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Rumor: Halo Infinite Battle Royale is getting single player items

More details are emerging about the battle royale mode in Halo Infinite, which is rumored to be in development on Certain Affinity.

Season 2 of the multiplayer game Halo Infinite is coming soon with new modes, maps, and more content. When 343 Industries announced its roadmap for the upcoming season, the company was met with bleak reactions and disappointment. However, it appears that 343 may have more in the Halo Infinite store than they show in the table.

We know Certain Affinity is working on an expansion for Halo Infinite multiplayer, so it’s been rumored for some time that the studio is working on a new game. battle royale mode† According to the latest rumors, a Battle Royale mode may appear sometime towards the end of the year, but it could easily move into early 2023.

According to journalist Jes Corden in Xbox Two Podcast The battle royale mode will contain a number of single player items. A certain Affinity company hopes this will add some exclusivity to the Halo Battle Royale variant. This includes PvPvE items and side quests.

Are you looking forward to possible Halo Infinite Battle Royale ModeOr, does it not really warm you up? Let’s know!

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