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Rumor: India wants to ban Chinese manufacturers from selling cheap phones – tablets and phones – News

Maybe Nokia is a good and safe alternative?

From an article on Nokia the following:

“In the main text of this article, we mention that Nokia is positioning itself as a European player. You could say that the old Nokia has been brought back to life. As HMD Global has not only revived the Nokia name but also FIH Mobile / Foxconn, the question is how European global HMD is, And so Nokia, really, as we asked this question to De Clerck.

He says ties with Foxconn are somewhat severed. HMD Global has been Finnish from the start and several former Nokia employees work there, including, of course, De Clerck himself. Moreover, the “big” Nokia has an interest in it that goes beyond just financial investment.

All servers used by HMD Global are also located in Finland. There is no end-user data for this, de Klerk adds

: “These are used for one-time hardware activation, eg to start the warranty period.” The main link with Foxconn is the factories that were purchased from Microsoft in 2016.

It’s certainly not the case that Foxconn makes all the hardware for HMD Global. “We don’t have our own factories, but we have our own ODM machines that offer the best quotes,” he says. They want to keep that freedom, because that makes them more competitive.

To further underscore the Finnish character, De Clerck also mentioned the acquisition of Finnish security company Valona Labs. This brings more development to Finland. The acquisition is part of the creation of the Center of Excellence, which aims to develop software on top of the hardware provided by the company. HMD Connect (see main text) is an example of the type of software that HMD Global is referring to. So overall, it’s safe to say that HMD Global is a very European company and it’s going to be even more. “

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By the way, Nokia now has phones that are made in India.…india-11611624606985.html