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Rumor: Intel Sapphire Rapids server processors coming in early 2023 – Computer – News

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids server CPUs may be discontinued early next year. That’s what Igor’s Lab’s website claims, which gained access to internal NDA-Sights documents from the chip maker. The treatments will be released between weeks 6 and 9 of 2023.

So Intel plans to launch Sapphire Rapids between February 6 and March 3, 2023, Igor Walusik writes from Igor .’s lab, which was likely to share accurate information about devices that weren’t rolled out early on. According to Walllossek, this is evidenced by information from Intel’s NDA-Sights docs. Intel collects problems and errors with new processors.

The site claims that there are now over 500 entries about Sapphire Rapids. There will already be twelve step, a kind of revision, for upcoming server CPUs. statement Already planned for the end of 2021 It has now been postponed again to early next year. Intel will still supply a number of “mini” Sapphire Rapids CPUs this year, for servers with a maximum of two sockets, to a “limited number of customers.”

Last week, Intel already discussed delaying Sapphire Rapids while announcing quarterly results. The company has found a security issue that needs to be fixed in the hardware. As a result, she had to repair the slide. The company asserted at the time that this had an impact on the start of mass production. Intel said during the same quarterly results that the first server chips are still on the roadmap later this year, but it was already talking about a large-scale release in 2023.

Sapphire Rapids is Intel’s next generation of Xeon CPUs. With this, the company turns for the first time to tiles, kind of chiplets. The company provides for each tile 15 cores, for a total of 60. These are connected to each other via emibA type of small silicon bridge that is used as interfaces. The CPUs are manufactured according to the Intel 7 process, formerly known as “10nm Enhanced Superfin”. AMD’s upcoming Epyc CPUs, codenamed Genoa, are due out later this year and will feature up to 96 cores on a TSMC N5 node.

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