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Rural and natural materials dominate

Rural and natural materials dominate

Among the nature of Dilijan in Armenia, you will find this country house. The interior design was created by Kulthome, an Armenian interior and architecture studio.

Kulthome has over ten years of experience, and this is evident in their projects. They perform not only residential and architectural tasks, but also commercial ones. Kulthome can help a brand to be different and unique. They can create a very comfortable space for employees and customers. Additionally, they are open to design and creativity in all styles. In their interiors, they pay attention to the finishing of each space; They use famous brands and innovate based on the latest trends. Professional coordinators and project managers are ready to carry out the arrangement of the vehicle and achieve the desired interior design for the client. As for architecture, they create exclusive architectural projects unique in their style. Kulthome is free enough to defy the expected, and brave enough to start something new. They are ready to take every step from concept to full reality.

The use of natural wood furniture in this interior creates comfort and a sense of comfort.

This project in Dilijan has a rustic style interior, inspired by the rich nature of the city in question. The interior is distinguished by its unusual and non-standard design. The use of natural wood furniture in this interior creates comfort and a sense of comfort. The design is fully emphasized by rustic materials and accessories. No additional element or color here, everything is in perfect order. The design includes creative furnishings, such as a table in the shape of a tree trunk, wooden chairs and an original chandelier. The kitchen is equipped with all the facilities needed for cooking, however it is a clean and tidy place thanks to the furnishings.

In this house you feel connected to nature anyway. Kulthome knew what was important to show his full potential, without compromising the interior. Would you like to be fascinated by more impressive projects and inspiring architecture? Make sure to follow our Instagram account Imagicasa Architecture† There we share unique achievements, promising designs and innovative ideas every day.

Photos submitted by Kulthum

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