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"Russia is bleeding the super-rich": More than 15,000 millionaires will leave the country in 2022

“Russia is bleeding the super-rich”: More than 15,000 millionaires will leave the country in 2022

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More than 15,000 Russian millionaires will leave the country this year. This is according to an analysis of immigration data by the British newspaper The Guardian.

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Research by Henley & Partners, a British agency that advises the super-rich to choose the most tax-efficient nationality, shows that about 15 percent of all Russians with more than $1 million in their bank account — in total, the country currently counts some 270,000 millionaires. They will have left Russia by the end of 2022.

“Russia is bleeding from millionaires,” said Andrew Amwells, who led the investigation. Wealthy individuals have been emigrating from Russia in increasing numbers year by year over the past decade. This is an indication of the problem facing the country: historically, big eruptions in countries have always been preceded by an acceleration in the emigration of the rich. They are often the first to leave because they have the resources to do so.”

Ukraine is also facing the departure of the super-rich: by the end of 2022, 2,800 millionaires will have left the country, or about 42 percent of all millionaires in the country.

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