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"Samsung's Android 13 update makes your smartphone faster"

“Samsung’s Android 13 update makes your smartphone faster”

Samsung will try to make its phones feel faster. This is what the trusted site says Sammobile† Samsung wants to do this by speeding up and improving animations. Do you want to know how this is? Then keep reading.

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Swipe faster and smoother

with arrival Android 13 This fall, brings Samsung It also released a new One UI shell. This is a layer of software on Android that changes your smartphone to a Samsung model. The fifth major update to One UI will ensure that your Samsung phone feels faster.

Samsung’s One UI interface adds a lot to the “standard” Android experience, including several transition animations. For example, think about when you go to your site main screen Enter or via a link The WhatsApp To the YoutubeThe video goes. This animation is fully optimized by Samsung.

OneUI 4.2.1 Update

However, according to the South Korean manufacturer, it takes a lot of time and can be done faster. This doesn’t seem like a notable thing, but it definitely affects the user experience. Even if Samsung tweaks the animation speed only slightly, your phone can immediately feel much more responsive. Especially on devices with a smooth 120Hz screen.

unofficial yet

Samsung has not officially announced yet that it is working on these improvements, but it is likely that it is working on the new One UI version of Android 13. There are also rumors about an early beta version of the One UI shell, but that has not happened yet. I have seen.

With the Android update come all sorts of small improvements to the software. For example, think of the best split screenFunctionality or the ability to set one specific language for each application. Be sure to check out our article Everything we know about Android 13.

Boost your phone by yourself

You can also make your own android smartphone Make her feel faster. To do this, you can dive into the settings and adjust the animation speed. This way, you can make transitions in your phone two times faster or ten times slower. Would you like to try it out for yourself? then follow Our plan is easy to use step by step.

Want more useful tips to make your phone feel faster? Then watch our helpful video tip. Here we explain clever tricks, like download Light apps And free up your storage space. You can view the advice below.

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