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Sanitary pads and tampons will be available for free in Scotland from today

At the end of 2020, the Scottish Parliament unanimously approved a law that made it possible to provide free menstrual products.

You still have to pay for tampons and sanitary towels at the supermarket, but those who don’t have money can use it. An application Find one of the hundreds of places where you can get items for free starting today.

‘The first but not the last country’

When introducing the bill, Scottish Labor MP Monica Lennon said: “No one should have to worry about where their next tampon, sanitary napkin or reusable product will come from”. “Scotland won’t be the last country in history to record period poverty, but we could be the first.”

Menstrual poverty is also a problem in the Netherlands. Exact size not known. outside Research 1 in 10 Dutch girls and young women seem to have too little money for sanitary towels or tampons.

There is no money for sanitary towels in Siska. She previously told RTL Nieuws about menstrual poverty:

Scotland wants to fight menstrual poverty by providing free supplies to school and university toilets.

Free in New Zealand schools

In New Zealand, tampons and sanitary towels have been available for free to schoolchildren since last year. “Menstruation is a reality for half the population,” said New Zealand’s women’s minister at the time, Julie Ann Gender. “Access to these products is a necessity, not a luxury.”

New Zealand Media reported last month Menstrual products are now available in over 2000 schools. More than 600,000 products have been delivered to students across the country. “A big win,” says the responsible minister.

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