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SBS reacts to uproar after discussion woke up on 'Table of Four': 'It stirs up a lot in Flanders' |  Instagram HLN

SBS reacts to uproar after discussion woke up on ‘Table of Four’: ‘It stirs up a lot in Flanders’ | Instagram HLN

TelevisionThe painful musical chairs at the “Table of Four”. Editor Elias van Dingenen was stunned by the remarks of his “boss” Gert Verholst in the debate that woke up, a day later and expressed his displeasure to his audience this morning. “When I drop the ‘n-word’ about thirty times, I thought: How could you possibly be another worldly?”

The awakened debate continues in “De Tafel van Vier” and the frequent use of the n-word by the host. On Thursday, an editor-in-chief announced in an open letter in sister newspaper De Morgen that after a day he was too ashamed to give up his new job. “I was sad to see my boss drop the n-word about thirty times on my first day on the job during a live broadcast,” it sounded. “I thought sitting in front of the big screen outside the debate studio was awkward and surreal. How could you be another world?”

Van Dingenen, who had given up his job at Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen for the “Table of Four”, started his new job with enthusiasm. The files were prepared for future episodes, the energy experts were questioned and the atmosphere was good. I felt like we started a solid program with a strong editorial team.”

Although the editor is basically critical of how to handle the ‘topic’ the next day. When Geert didn’t show up the next day, he made up his mind. “I had decided for myself that if Mr. Verholst was present at the editorial meeting, I would ask him a number of questions. He did not seem to have thought it necessary to be present in the debriefing of the first turbulent episode. So I resigned. Verhulst did not find an apology in the evening broadcast Enough. He said, “Sorry if I hurt you, blame the viewer.”

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“We are working hard on it”

SBS Belgium, the parent company of Play Channels, which also includes “-Play4”, has responded to the hype that has arisen. “As we have seen and read in recent days, the awakened debate is stirring up a lot in Flanders,” it appears in a statement. “There are a lot of opinions and sentiments that we definitely take very seriously, because diversity and inclusion are two important themes within the Play family that are being worked hard on — also behind the scenes.”

True, one of the editors decided to resign after a few days. Both parties parted ways on good terms after an open discussion. It’s always a shame for people to leave, but everyone has every right to make that decision. Along with everyone else on the show, Gert gives his best every day to deliver a good talk show. There is always room for debate and open conversation within the editorial team.” Gert Verholst himself did not wish to respond at the moment.

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