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Sea lion breaks into house in New Zealand, injures cat and hangs it on sofa | Strange

A curious young sea lion has been returned to the sea after it entered a house in New Zealand. The animal harassed the house cat, hung around on the sidewalk, lay on the bed for a while, and miraculously didn’t break anything.

The Rose family of Mt Maunganui were a bit surprised to find a New Zealand fur seal in their home on Wednesday morning. Their house is 150 meters from the beach. Bill Ross, who is also a marine biologist, said it was a shame he wasn’t the only one home at the time. “The great irony is that this is really the only family emergency where having a marine biologist at home would be helpful,” he said. “I missed my time to shine.”

Ross said his wife, Jen, woke up early Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. to go to the gym. As she got into her car, something nearby barked and then moved. She thought it was someone’s dog.

guest room

Rose said the sea lion was able to get in through the cat flap. She believes the animal encountered the family’s house cat, Coco, outside after Jen left the house. “The cat was trying to defend its territory, but the sea lion was clearly not afraid. So Coco fled down the side of the house through a cat flap, and the sea lion must have followed her.

A seal has entered a house in New Zealand. © Twitter

The sea lion stayed in the guest room and on the bed before Jen led him through the front door to the yard. A ranger from the conservation department showed up around 10 am to return the sea lion to the sea.

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The sea lion, nicknamed “Oscar,” turned out to be polite company, Rose said, and luckily didn’t go to the bathroom inside. “I think it would have been a beautiful terminal for the furniture.”

Shocked cat

Meanwhile, Coco the cat snuck into the neighbor’s house. When she returned home, she was very depressed. Ross said it’s not unusual to see young sea lions roaming the area this time of year. “I think like all young people, they don’t always make the smartest decisions.”

Oscar the sea lion was resting on the seat.
Oscar the sea lion was resting on the seat. © Twitter

New Zealand fur seal populations are recolonizing much of their former range. As cute as they are, sea lions can move quickly and can cause serious injuries if they feel threatened. They also carry infectious diseases. The Department of Conservation recommends staying at least 20 meters away, not making too much noise in their presence, and keeping dogs and children away from them.