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'Security auditors' caught trying to break into Dua Lipa behind the scenes (Antwerp)

‘Security auditors’ caught trying to break into Dua Lipa behind the scenes (Antwerp)

Arno the Kid and Trypin Turlinks. © vtm go

Police arrested influencers Arno the Kid and Trypin Turlinks briefly on Friday night. As for the Security Checkers, they tried to hack the Dua Lipa behind the scenes at Sportpaleis in Antwerp.

(surrey, gtb)

Antwerp police were called on Friday because four young men were arrested by the Sportpaleis security service while trying to break into the backstage of British singer Dua Lipa. Among the four men arrested were influential figures Arno van Imbe, alias Arno the Kid, and Gerban Turlinks. They were there with two employees of an online production company.

Tuerlinckx and Arno The Kid have been doing episodes of “Security Checkers” for VTM Go for some time, testing safety at various places. Earlier, the two of them entered Plopsaland without any problems. At Sportpaleis, it was revealed that security was up and the duo did not reach the British star. On the contrary, the police arrested them for a short time and took them to a police station. The police prepared an official report on public disorder and suspicious acts.

VTM spokeswoman Tine Danschieter confirmed that “The Dua Lipa party was an excellent challenge for our ‘friendly security guards’, although the adventure didn’t go as planned.

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