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See a list of the latest "Tien Om Te Zien" recordings, including Nathalie Meskens and Blue |  Television

See a list of the latest “Tien Om Te Zien” recordings, including Nathalie Meskens and Blue | Television

TelevisionTien Om Te is back for revenge. Show cast Willie Somers, Anne de Petzeler, Laura Tesoro, and Aaron Blumert brighten Westende’s seawall along with several (international) artists. The first recordings are already completed, and they’re closing next week with these amazing ones.

On Monday 8, Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 August, the “Tien Om Te Zien” stage will welcome the best artists of the moment for the last time. This time not only are we expecting Dutch-speaking artists, international superstars will also travel to Westende. For example, Sam Ryder as pop sensation Blue, known as Gigahit All Rise, gives his best Wednesday. Sensations like Pommelien Thijs and K3 complete the lineup even more. Below is an overview.

On Monday, August 8, expect Tien Om Te Zien: #LikeMe, Stan Van Samang, Tinne Oltmans, Margriet Hermans, Pommelien Thijs, Christoff, Pauline, Good Shape, Lisa Del Bo, De Romeo’s, CAMILLE, Duncan Laurence, Pieter Cooreman (Joe Lage Landen Competition Winner).

Tuesday, August 9, the following artists will perform: MSKNS, K3, Gert Verhulst, James Cooke, Jelle Cleymans, Jonas Van Geel, Margriet Hermans, CAMILLE, Pauline, Stan Van Samang, Get Ready! and Gene Thomas, Dana Winner, and Toast and Meau.

During the last taping on Wednesday, August 10, Blue, Sam Ryder, Clouseau, Pumlin Thijs, Nils Disstadsbadr, Camille, Metegor, Margaret Hermans, Perry, Pauline, Wim Sutter and Sha Na.

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