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Seventeen US MPs arrested over abortion rights

At least 17 members of Congress were arrested Tuesday during a rally against the repeal of abortion rights at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC. A total of 35 people were arrested.

At least 17 US MPs arrested at anti-abortion rally That Local police confirm on Twitter. All of the arrested MPs are sitting in the US Congress on behalf of the Democratic Party. Among those arrested was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an outspoken politician known for her socialist views. About abortion And Taxes.

In June, the US Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Overturned the Wade ruling, making it possible for states to decriminalize abortion again. Since then, daily demonstrations have been held in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington DC. The MPs’ protest was broadcast live, and pictures of those arrested were posted on social media.

Ocasio-Cortez has yet to respond to the police action, and her arrested colleague Ilhan Omar also responded: ‘I will do everything I can to raise the alarm about the attack on our reproductive rights.’

New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney wrote in a statement after her arrest: “I am privileged to represent a state where reproductive rights are respected and protected. All I can do is put my body on the line for the 33 million women who are at risk of losing their rights.”

Protesters received three warnings before being arrested. According to the police, the demonstrators – sitting on the zebra crossing – were obstructing traffic and therefore the protest was illegal. One of the arrested MPs One Man.

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