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Severe forest fires ravage France again |  Abroad

Severe forest fires ravage France again | Abroad

A fire that broke out yesterday in the Pugle Forest (in the French province of Maine-et-Loire) has already turned into ash with an area of ​​600 hectares. The fire service said another 500 hectares are at risk.

Up to 317 men and 107 vehicles are deployed in about twenty sensitive locations. Firefighters come from nine different departments. “They will again turn to air resources,” she said. Some farmers offered to help by supplying water with “tank tractors”.

About twenty people were evacuated. Most of them lived in a center for people with disabilities.


To the south, in the Gironde province, 320 hectares of pine forests have also been reduced to ash. In July there were already several large wildfires near Landeras. Now the fires are blazing again, according to firefighters and the mayor of Houston Village.

“Due to adverse weather conditions, fires were again reported near Landeras in the municipalities of Cabanac, Houston and San Magni,” the Gironde prefecture said in a tweet on Twitter. As a result of the fire, 1,300 people were evacuated.

In July, the fire already destroyed more than 14,000 hectares of forest in Landeras. The fire is still out of control.

“Many fires were reactivated in the early afternoon, during the hottest part of the day,” the Fire and Rescue Service (Sdis) said, describing a “very rapid fire” and a “fairly unfavorable” situation due to the hot weather. Southeast wind.