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Sharkoon's new gaming desks have a large mouse pad on top

Sharkoon’s new gaming desks have a large mouse pad on top

Sharkoon has two new gaming agencies added to its range. The SKILLER SGD10 and SGD20 desks have slots, cable management channels, and a mouse pad that covers the entire top.

SKILLER SGD10 is 160 cm long and 80 cm wide. The SGD20 is larger in size: 180cm long and 85cm wide. Both desks can withstand a weight of 100 kg. With screws you can choose between heights of 71.1, 75.1 and 79.1 cm.

There is a slot for cables on the back of the left and right desk. With a cable channel in the back, all wires can be neatly hidden. A separate magnetic cable tray for the left or right leg is also included.

Sharkoon isn’t the only brand selling gaming desks. Cooler Master also has a few, such as Aerocool, DXRacer, and even Trust.

It now appears that Sharkoon SKILLER offices are only available in Alternate in the Netherlands. For the SGD10, you lose 279 euros, and 299 Singapore dollars.

SKILLER SGD10 video.


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