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SHEIN's Micro Bikini Surprisingly: "I'd be AWESOME to wear it!"  (Photo)

SHEIN’s Micro Bikini Surprisingly: “I’d be AWESOME to wear it!” (Photo)

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It is a remarkably small bikini with a checkered pattern on sale for 4 euros in the Chinese online store chain it is in. An Irish TikTok star found the design so curious that she shared her surprise with her followers. “I was looking around Shein and found the scariest bikini I’ve ever seen. As a curvy woman I would be terrified to wear this. But even if I was as skinny as that woman, I still feared everything would fall out,” she says in a video.

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Her followers could hardly believe their eyes. The message says “One wrong step and everyone sees everything”, “You have to start gluing the top to keep everything from squeaking”, and “I won’t get everything in there”. However, the bikini on the SHEIN online store has an average score of 4.78 out of 5. Many buyers are very satisfied with the quality and indicate that they are excited in it.

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I would freak out about everything #it ​​is in #bikini # Clothes #extra size

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