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Sherak May Miss Day In Upcoming PDC Women Series

Fallen Sherock can be admired during the Dutch Darts Masters held at the Gigo Dome in Amsterdam this weekend. However, the next match of the PDC women’s series starts on Saturday over the weekend.

Sherak finished second in the Women’s Series Order of Merit after eight matches, ahead of third-placed Lorraine Winstonley. But next weekend Winstonley could make up for his shortfall against the ‘Palace Queen’.

If Sherock loses in the first round of the World Series Darts final on Friday, efforts will be made to get her to Barnsley on time on Saturday. The English player must be at the playground by 09:30 am.

If the former Lakeside finalist wins his first match, he will miss at least two matches in the women’s series. If so, Sherak plans to appear in the PDC’s women’s rounds only on Sundays.

In August, while in New Zealand for the World Series, Sherock faces another similar situation. “I have little chance of participating in it,” Sherak said earlier. “I hope it’s not necessary, otherwise I will do everything I can to be there.”

The women’s series is an important path for Sherock to qualify for the Grand Slam of Darts and the World Darts Championship. The top two players in the final rankings after the Twenty20 women’s series will receive a call-up for these two majors.

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