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Six Weeks Emergency Shelter in Goeree-Overflakkee

The Goeree-Overflakkee municipality will receive 150 asylum seekers from July 16 due to poor conditions in the application center Ter Apel. Crisis emergency shelter for a maximum of six weeks aboard the River Cruise ship Alemannia in Havenhoft, Middlehornis.

The boat is in a place called the piano jetty, near the palm tree at the head of the area. It was not on the jetty where 75 asylum seekers were welcomed on a ship last winter. Thus, the parking lot remains intact. The beach will be accessible to residents and vacationers.

The Rotterdam Rijnmond Security Zone is responsible for welcoming asylum seekers in conjunction with the Federal Agency for Reception (COA). Following a successful pre-reception, the municipality has set a number of conditions:
– up to 150 people;
– For a maximum of six weeks;
– Day and night security is available on board and shore;
– Crisis emergency shelter area screened. Refugees are given clear rules, for example on the beach, not in New Zealand parks and commercial parks.

Focus on safety
It is not yet clear which group will find shelter on the cruise ship. Summer vacation is not a good time for childcare, and the municipal council agrees. That is why strict conditions are set in advance and more attention is paid to security in the area. By welcoming, the municipality helps to relieve the pressure of the application center. “We accept our responsibility and make good deals to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible,” Mayor Ada Crudenboyer-Dauphlemann confirmed. “The good news is that we’re experienced in previous asylum receptions. We enter the process with that knowledge.

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The delegation of immediate residents was informed in a private conversation yesterday evening. A letter was immediately issued to Park New Zealand and its environs. An information meeting for locals will be held on Monday, July 11, 2022 in Webeco.

There is the municipal page Additional information about the reception is provided.