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small balcony?  This is how you make the best use of space |  MyGuide

small balcony? This is how you make the best use of space | MyGuide

slackStaying on the balcony is great, especially now that the sun is up. But is your outdoor space too small? With these tips from fascinate The space is used optimally, so that it immediately feels and looks much larger.

1. Folding table

Sometimes the balcony is so small that it is difficult to put a table on it. That’s a shame, because it’s nice to be able to leave your drink on while reading a book in the sun. Or to store a handy portable lamp or set of candles. A folding table offers a solution. You can easily fold such a table in and out, and once you’re not using it, you won’t miss out on precious space.

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A folding table is indispensable in a small balcony. ©

2. Your own tape

Another option if you don’t really have room for a small table is to make a small narrow strip on the balcony railing. All you need for this is a narrow board that you attach to the railing. This way you won’t take up space on the floor, but you can still store some cool accessories – or that drink.

Sven Benjamins, Monique Visser

© Sven Benjamins, Monique Visser

3. Work in the show

A common mistake is the desire to create a full-fledged seating area. Unfortunately, this is not always possible on a small balcony. And if it works, it’s usually so stuffed that it doesn’t feel any more comfortable. Therefore, choose a garden bench that is small in width, rather than two separate garden chairs that take up a lot of space together. You can both sit comfortably on the seat without becoming too cramped. And if there’s a third person, just grab a chair to give everyone a seat.

4. side table

No place for a coffee table? do not worry. The side table may be smaller in size, but it’s also ten times more functional. You can move it easily, it takes up little space and is also convenient.

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