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Snapchat launches Snapchat+ web version for users

Need to get rid of the distraction of your smartphone? Snapchat is launching its own web version for this. For now, it’s still behind the closed doors of Snapchat+.

Almost all social media can be accessed from a web browser. Snapchat has been one of the exceptions to that rule to date. A Press release Now it can also be accessed through a web browser, the company said. The range of service is currently limited. The service is currently launched in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, the web version will come later in other regions. Belgium and the Netherlands are not yet in that group.

For Snapchat+ customers only

Another limitation of the web version is that only Snapchat+ customers can use it. A user without a paid subscription will be dependent on mobile apps. At the launch of Snapchat+, a four-dollar-a-month subscription that is not available in Belgium or the Netherlands, Snapchat has already announced that the service will receive exclusive functions. The web version is now an example of this.

Users accessing the web version of Snapchat’s web version can use all the features known in the Android and iOS versions of Snapchat. It also includes the option to send Snaps and chat messages. Additionally, the web version offers support for video calls.

Soon in Benelux?

The aforementioned exclusivity for Snapchat+ seems to have a limited duration. Users who pay four dollars a month get early access. It’s unclear exactly how long this early access will last. The same goes for Snapchat introducing us to the browser variant. This will only happen after the browser version is available in other countries for non-Plus customers.