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Sony adds 60Hz versions of classic games to PlayStation Plus in EU-gaming-news

Sony plans to add NTSC versions of ‘most’ classic games to new PlayStation Plus subscriptions in Europe and elsewhere. The company will announce this on Thursday. Currently, some titles are only available in PAL versions.

Sony Writes on Twitter The company plans to release NTSC options for “most classic games offered on PlayStation Plus premium and deluxe subscriptions.” This applies to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

During the PS1 and PS2 eras, PAL games were generally released in areas such as Europe. In the PAL regions, the standard for televisions was 50 Hz, up from 60 Hz by the US NTSC standard. In practice, games running at 30fps in NTSC regions were reduced to 25fps in PAL regions. At the same time, PAL games often had language options that were not NTSC versions. That’s why Sony made PAL games available in some regions.

Sony announced its renewed PlayStation Plus subscriptions earlier this year, which was available in Europe on June 22nd. The company offers three different options. Get a list of the most expensive subscription, classic PlayStation and PSP games available in Europe under the name of Premium.

Launched in Asia in late May, Sony uses PAL built-in for some classic games, including areas such as Taiwan, which have the NTSC standard. VGC wroteFor example, this includes most of Sony’s first-generation games. Games came in the United States Available as NTSC

Nintendo received similar criticism last year when it added N64 games to its Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription. In the announcement, the company showed 50Hz images of those topics. However, before the actual release, Nintendo announced that 60Hz versions of all N64 games would be available.

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