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Soon you will be able to edit WhatsApps that have been sent

Soon you will be able to edit WhatsApps that have been sent

WhatsApp that has already been sent can be edited soon. If you make a crazy grammar mistake or pick a completely wrong face, correct your mistake quickly, without polluting the conversation with recovery apps.

Edit WhatsApp messages

The WhatsApp It hasn’t been officially announced (yet), but the site WABetaInfo To let you know that he saw the feature in an early version of the popular chatting app. Odds are the right site. In fact, WhatsApp was already working on this feature before, but decided not to offer it after all.

Soon it will probably be and we think we know why. It probably has something to do with Twitter. After more than a decade of “struggling” against making tweets editable, Twitter decided to make it possible after much prodding from its users. However, there are hurdles: you only have a certain time to change a tweet.

Comes the ability to adapt to risks

This is a measure in place to ensure that a tweet is not modified after years, so that the entire discussion around the tweet (eg on Twitter, but also within, say, the walls of the board of directors of the company you work for) do not go out of context. Or rather: your tweet does not suddenly get out of context.

WhatsApp messages have never been editable. You can delete them, but you can’t do it in secret: everyone sees that you deleted something (the state you try to erase or prevent often does not improve). And so it will soon be possible to edit it, so that those uncomfortable conversations that follow when you delete something from the past are most likely: then you can simply edit your message. Just click on the message and long press and you will see the three dots where you can choose “Edit”.

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Rules for editing WhatsApp messages

Although it seems simple, we can imagine that you will not get rid of it easily if you edit a message on WhatsApp. Can the “history” of the edited message be surely retrieved? Or perhaps WhatsApp will also come with a time limit for editing messages, to ensure that the content of the conversation is not completely turned upside down.

In addition to this, WhatsApp is also said to be working on an option to recover messages that you have deleted. It seems to only apply to messages you’ve deleted to yourself. Clicking on a deleted message will bring up the popup to recover it. This feature hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it’s in an early beta version of the messaging app.

At this point, the potential new features aren’t available yet, not even in the beta version of the app. It’s really a feature that’s still in development, so before we can actually use it (if WhatsApp continues this time), we’ll probably have to wait a long time.

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