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Spain wants to be the first European country to introduce "period leave"

Spain wants to be the first European country to introduce “period leave”


The Spanish government has proposed a bill providing for “menstrual leave” for women who have painful periods. This is the first in Europe.


Equality Minister Irene Monteiro of the radical left-wing Podemos party has announced that the government will fully fund the temporary work stoppage. “Menstruation is no longer a taboo. I ended up going to work with pain.”

The minister indicated in a television interview that the sick note, which must be signed by a doctor, will have no limit. A preliminary version of the law, reported by Spanish media last week, indicated a halt to work for up to five days.

The first in Europe

The text now goes to Parliament, where the government does not have a majority. If the green light is given, Spain will follow the example of Japan, Indonesia and Zambia, among other countries. Spain will be the first in Europe, although there are already companies that give monthly leave without having a law.

The General Confederation of Workers, one of the largest federations of the General Federation of Workers in Spain, is not convinced. The union is concerned that companies will be less likely to hire women in order to avoid absenteeism. We are satisfied with another trade union CCOO, because the scheme will make a “hit-to-none health problem” visible.

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