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Spanish government: 'Pegasus spyware was also found on Prime Minister Sanchez' phone'

Spanish government: ‘Pegasus spyware was also found on Prime Minister Sanchez’ phone’

Pegasus technology has been found on the phones of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Defense Minister Maria Robles. This was stated by the Spanish government. It had previously come under fire for allegedly using spyware against Catalan separatists.

According to the government, Israeli spyware could have ended up on Sanchez’s phone in May 2021, and Robles was targeted in June 2021. Data was stolen from both phones. It was not stated who might be behind the espionage, but it was said to be an “illegitimate and external” operation. The phones of other members of the Spanish government are also being investigated.

This revelation comes at a time when the Spanish government itself is under intense criticism, after learning of this Pegasus was used against Catalan separatist leadersIncluding current Catalan President Perry Aragon. The Spanish intelligence service CNI was blamed, and Aragon had already demanded the resignation of the relevant minister Robles. The Catalan Independence Party, ERC, which helps Sanchez’s government gain a majority in parliament, is also threatening to withdraw that support.

Pegasus technology, through which microphones and cameras of phones can be turned on remotely without anyone noticing, is made by the Israeli company NSO. The spyware is controversial because it is said to be used by authoritarian regimes against critics. recently announced that Belgian police are also working with Pegasus

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