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Spectacular movie locations in Norway: ‘This is the place where Tom Cruise went down the hill’

The village of Sæbø in the Norwegian province of Møre og Romsdal has a population of less than five hundred. When the Marvel movie Black Widow was shot here in May 2019, and suddenly a crew of two hundred people were wandering around, it was big news.

Scarlett Johansson at a nearby supermarket

Mats Rice, the owner of the local supermarket Joker, was also on the set because his little neighbor supermarket was filmed. Display Leading actress Scarlett Johansson’s settlement with him at the box office did not save the film, but it was an experience.

Rice says of the circus that one day settled in his village, “Now I understand why it’s so expensive to make a movie. Two weeks before the shooting, lighting technicians came from the UK to see my fluorescent tubes.”

The next day after the shooting, Mats saw a woman and her son taking pictures in front of the store. “They had come 500 miles to film my shop.” He couldn’t reach it, but fans would sometimes travel halfway around the world to see the filming locations.

Movie locations are one reason for a beautiful path

Some places are leveled by the audience. For example, the Croatian Dubrovnik could not handle the crowd after the Game of Thrones. But it’s not really that big of a deal on Sæbø says Anne von Urchot von The Adventures of Norway

The tour operator offers ‘self-driving tours’ in this vast region and Sæbø is one of the places people come to on the Black Widow tour. “We see movie venues as an opportunity to allow visitors to go down a good path through this area.”

For example, Sæbø is located in Hjørundfjord, which Norway Adventures wants to go with their kayak trips. “Precisely because all the boats, yachts and yachts are less crowded here than the famous Geirangerfjord that will drive you crazy during the high season.”

Tax incentive for film productions

Van Urchot moved to Norway in 2000 with her husband Rogier. The exteriors were handcuffed. A place where peace and quiet determine the order of the day. They chose the Norwegian Fjords because of their special terrain. “Not a day goes by that we regret that decision.”

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Filmmakers also fall for the natural beauty of Norway. The tax concession given to them by the government convinces the big productions: they get 25 per cent of the cost incurred in Norway.

This arrangement makes greater use of local people and services, which benefits the economy. Security, catering, logistics, hotels and local guides are also used.

Waiting to save Tom Cruise

In recent years, the film crew at M மிகre og Romsdal, a sparsely populated area of ​​just 266,000, has left over 19 million euros. For example, guide the Helge Guam carpo van Fjord Nature Contributed to the action film Mission Impossible 7.

He points out from the village of Helschild. “There Tom Cruise came out of the mountain with his motorcycle.” For that particular scene – saw the end Trailer – A large arch was built, from which the actor began himself.

If the cruise parachute landing did not go according to plan, Helge was on the rescue team standing near the water. Guide Erland Wayne did the same Uteguiden

Kayaking in Fjord, near the village of Waldoll, he shows where Tom Cruise lived during a few weeks of filming in Norway. “He stayed in a house where he never saw Fjord, and then traveled by helicopter to various shooting locations.”

An ordinary man goes to those places by car, but it is nothing but a punishment. From the waltz you can do in the summer months National Landscape Route 63 Trollstigen – Take the Trollenweg direction. Beautiful path that ends with eleven Harbin curves and this is part of it Mission Impossible Tour

This road is also special Juvet Landscape Hotel, Ex Machina Picture taken. For a month the crew captured this remote place where modern architecture and rugged nature meet.

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“There were cables everywhere, people were walking,” says hotel manager Chris Schonfeld with a laugh. The film not only gave him great publicity – he had to book at least six months in advance to stay here – but also a second business.

Lots of video clips and commercials from Ex Machina have been shot here. From Ferrari to Siemens. “Now a few weeks a year are free for film productions,” he says.

But how do filmmakers find those beautiful places? This is partly thanks to Steve Royce, who worked as a movie location manager and location scout to sell Norway to Hollywood.

Match between Iceland and New Zealand

“This area is very suitable because you can see so many spectacular terrain here and Alessand Airport ensures that all people and goods are flown properly,” he explains.

It starts with the need for a production company. “They specify what they are looking for and location scouts start working in different countries. Then I will explain the locations in Norway, but at the same time it will happen in Iceland, Switzerland and New Zealand,” says Royset.

He sees an increasing number of international productions of films and series in Norway in recent years. This is also clear from the statistics of the Norwegian Film Institute.

Spectacular Spectacular

The number of products increases by 20 percent per year. The popularity of this province in particular did not surprise Røyset. “This part of Norway is amazing to look at.”

Van Orchot agrees: “We have now explored the whole country and found this to be the most beautiful region.”

For this article, our author was invited Fjord Norway And Visit the North West To the province of Mre o Romsdal. The content of the article was determined independently of the editorial.