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Speed ​​limit on highways and expansion of social energy tariffs: experts suggest measures to boost our purchasing power

Speed ​​limit on highways and expansion of social energy tariffs: experts suggest measures to boost our purchasing power

The federal government’s core spent two hours on Wednesday afternoon examining the first report of the expert group “Purchasing Power and Competitiveness.” Essentially this group of economists has to propose measures to absorb the harmful consequences of sky-high inflation. Pierre Wanche, Governor of the National Bank and head of the expert committee, came to explain the report on Wednesday afternoon. Our editors were able to view his 59-slide PowerPoint presentation.

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In it, Winch and his companions illustrate the economic situation of Belgian families, businesses, and the government. Experts point out that the purchasing power of families is well protected. Especially compared to neighboring countries. This is mainly due to the automatic wage benchmarking mechanism. Although the lower middle class is feeling very bloated. For companies, these indicators significantly affect wage costs, jeopardizing their competitiveness. According to experts, the government urgently needs to reorganize its budget.

Experts suggest the government should elaborate more on these nine measures.

* Once energy prices drop sharply again, they want it Raise the reduced value-added tax rate on electricity and gas again Or there will be an equivalent increase through the excise duty on the invoice.

* The Tax schedules should be indexed early† This way, as an employee, you have more wages left after your wages are indexed.

* He. She The social energy tariff should be extended, or there should be similar compensation by means of specific examinations. In addition, experts also ask to investigate whether the social rate can be extended to include more consumers. This will cost the government a lot of money.

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* The The wage index needs to be checked† Experts want to examine the timing of the indexes and the contents of the Health Index basket in order to identify potential deficiencies.

Businesses should get benefits if they move away from fossil fuels† For example, experts suggest a quick discount for green investments.

* Experts argue in favor of To make the structural fat for the surplus of profits, for example, EngTo ensure predictability.

* The committee also wants the government to move quickly to me Avoid the tsunami of changing and costly new energy contracts† For example, they argue in favor of requiring energy players to provide at least a fixed and variable contract.

* Moreover, there must also be Tighter speed limits on highways, accelerated phasing out of subsidies for company cars† In the long run, we all need to use less energy. The government should focus more on isolating social housing and other modest homes better.

* The committee also focuses on the importance of green investments. Fossil fuels should be discouraged† VAT should be paid less, but excise tax should be increased. When investments in green energy and renewal are profitable without subsidies, the government should reduce the subsidy policy.