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Sport Court: Ronaldo not in Portugal in Nations League against Switzerland | Sports

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Portugal without Ronaldo in Switzerland in the Nations League

Afternoon 3.12: Portugal coach Fernando Santos has sent Cristiano Ronaldo on leave. The 37-year-old striker could miss a game against Switzerland in the Nations League on Sunday, as did Jono Moutinho and Rafael Guerrero.

According to Santos, all three players are not injured, but they are getting some rest. “There is no point in bringing 26 players to Switzerland if you can only have 23 players in the tournament,” the national coach said. “We always try to manage it as much as possible. Now the choice has fallen on these three players.

Portugal are top of Group A Group 2 of the Nations League with 7 points from three matches. The Santos team started the national tournament with a draw with Spain (1-1), then won in Lisbon (4-0) and the Czech Republic (2-0). Ronaldo scored twice against the Swiss team.

Conte and Hernandez left for France to fight Croatia

13:46: The French football team will work without N’Golo Kanté and Lucas Hernández in the final international match against Croatia in the State de France on Monday before the summer holidays. Chelsea midfielder has knee problems and did not fit into the game with Croatia in time. Hernandez, Bayern Munich’s defender, was allowed to return home by national coach Didier Deschamps due to a happy family affair.

Deschamps has 22 players for the fourth group match in the Nations League. World champions France have only scored points since their defeat to Denmark (1-2) in the split against Croatia and their draw against Austria in Vienna (both 1-1). France and Croatia, the finalists of the 2018 World Cup, meet again in Paris on Monday. Denmark tops the group with 6 points, followed by Croatia and Austria with 4 points.

Leading Dutch teams with second win at the Beach Volleyball World Cup

12:52 pm: Leading Dutch duo Alexander Brewer / Robert Meuchen and Katza Stamm / Raisa Skunn have reached the knockout stage of the Beach Volleyball World Cup in Rome. Both teams won the second group match at For Italico without losing a set.

Brewer and Meuchen defeated the Mexican pair 21-13 21-15, while the Stam and Schun pair were 21-17 21-15 very strong for the Chilean pair. On Friday, the Dutch medalists had already won their first group match.

Stephen Foremans and Matthew Immers played their first match at the World Cup on Saturday morning and won two sets against the Chinese pair. Leon Luini and Ruben Penninga will perform for the first time in Rome on Saturday evening. Christian Warrenhorst and Steven van de Velde, who won the first group match on Friday, finished the show.

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Numbers 1 and 2 in the twelve groups advance to the knockout stage, while the top four numbers 3. The other numbers compete in an intermediate round for the remaining four places in the knockout stage.

The archers lost in the European Championship final

12.25 pm: The Dutch archers had to settle for a silver medal at the Nations Cup in the non-Olympic joint category at the European Championships in Munich. Mike Schloser, Syl Patter and Stef Willems lost 238-230 to Turkey in the final.

Then on Saturday, Schlosser will compete with Jacob Yildies for the individual title. Yildiz also played for Turkey in the Nations Cup. At last year’s European Championships in Antalya, Yildiz won both the individual title and gold at the Nations Cup. The Netherlands men’s team won gold in the Recurve Olympics category. In Munich, Steve Wijler, Kiz Broxma and Rick van der Wen have already been eliminated in the eighth final.

Van der Wen and Gabriela Schlosser will battle it out in the final of the mixed country tournament on Sunday. Slocer, a Mexican who married Mike Schloser, won silver at the Olympics with Wigler at the Tokyo Games last year.

‘The best coach in the world’ Marijne Tilburg should leave

12.05 pm: Hockey club bids farewell to Tilburg coach Sjoerd Marijne. The 48-year-old from Brabant is due to leave the Tilburg men’s team after being eliminated from the main division. Marijne was named the world’s best hockey coach for the women’s team in October 2021.

He surprised India by advancing to the semifinals as national coach with hockey players at the Tokyo Olympics last year. His team lost to Argentina (1-2). In the battle for the bronze, Great Britain was strong at 4-3, yet, when Marijne and her soldiers returned, thousands of enthusiastic people met in India.

De Prabandar, who was the national coach of the Dutch hockey players in 2014 and 2015, signed a three-year contract with Tilburg after the Games. Marijne succeeds Geron Delmi, who was the national coach of the Dutch players. Tilburg was expelled from the main division on Monday. The Marijne team lost to Wordan by shoot-outs.

“Then it was decided to separate with respect and good mutual advice, that is, the paths of head coach Sjord Marijne and assistant boss Bon van Junderd and Tilburg will be separate,” the club said in a statement.

Chris Fromm leaves Duffin unwell

10.42 am: Chris Froome leaves the Criterium to Dauphine after six stages. The four-time winner of the Tour de France has been unwell for two days, according to his Israel-Premier Tech team. “On the advice of the medical staff, the team decided that it would be best for Chris to rest and begin to recover quickly,” the group said in a statement.

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Froome (37) did not play a significant role in the stage race Dauphiné preparing for the Tour de France. Britain has lagged behind in recent days and is ranked 76th in the general rankings, 11 minutes behind Belgian leader Vout van Ert.

“I was looking forward to the last two stages, but I didn’t feel 100 percent,” Froome said, as he struggled with his physical condition and shape for years. “It’s disappointing not to be able to finish this race, but I’m moving forward and do not want to see a setback at this crucial point of the season.” Froome won the Tour with the Sky Team (now Enios Grenadiers) in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Israeli leader – Prime Minister Tek said at the start of the week, for the first time in a long time that he had not suffered a hip injury, which was like many bones broken in a severe fall in Daphne three years ago. Froome failed to reach his old position. He wanted to test himself by aiming for the toughest final weekend tour of Dauphine. In his own words, Froome has not yet received confirmation from his team about his participation in the French stage race.

Long lunch break for Costa Rican officials due to World Cup qualification

9:22 am: Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chavez is giving all his officials an extra long lunch break on Tuesday. The country’s national football team will face New Zealand on the same day in Qatar to qualify for the World Cup later this year. The match will start at 12 noon in Costa Rica.

In a video message, Chavez said everyone working for the government would be given an extra long lunch break to watch the competition. “Over 13,000 kilometers, there will be eleven fighters on the field, with the aim of achieving a historic status. Of course we all want to watch this match.

Chavez, 61, recently became president of Costa Rica. He won the election earlier this year. Chaos decided to drop the opportunity to declare Tuesday a national holiday that everyone is free of, as Costa Rica is in an economic crisis. He called on companies in his country to offer employees a long lunch break so they can watch a football match in front of the TV.

The winner of the Intercontinental Playoffs will advance to the World Cup in Group E with Germany, Spain and Japan. Costa Rica has played in four of the last five World Cups. New Zealand have played in two World Cup finals in 1982 and 2010.