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Starlink gets paid ‘portability’ option for use across mobile devices – tablets and phones – news

SpaceX will give Starlink customers a paid option that will also make satellite internet available in places other than their homes. The option costs €25 per month in addition to the usual costs. The service cannot be used while the user is on the move.

Service users I received an email Announcing the option. The cost of the Portability job is $25 or €25 per month. This allows users to use their Starlink dish on the go. With a standard subscription, Starlink is only available at the customer’s pre-selected residential location. Mobile service can be used anywhere Starlink is now available† Europe is now also included.

Customers can only use mobile mode within their continent. If European users want to use the service in America, they must register there with a new site. If customers have used the service in another country for more than two months, they must also re-register their site.

SpaceX writes On the support page It offers Fort Best Service. This means that the company makes no guarantees about the stability and availability of the service in other countries. SpaceX also warns that Starlink cannot be used while the user is on the road, for example in a car.

Tweakers bought a Starlink platter last year and made it Preview of its practical use

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