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State bonds return after three years

State bonds return after three years

The Belgian government will once again issue a government bond for the first time in more than three years. This was announced by the Federal Debt Agency.

Government bonds, aimed at private investors, have traditionally been issued about four times a year and usually yield the government tens of millions of euros. But due to lower interest rates, there was less and less interest and the last issue date is March 2019. The ten-year government bond had an interest rate of 0.55 percent and a yield of just under 4 million euros.

Since long-term interest rates have recently gone up again, government bonds can come back. On June 4, the debt agency will issue five- and 10-year government bonds. Interest rates will be determined on May 20, and the subscription period will run from May 24 to June 3.

The most famous issue of government bonds is the December 2011 issue, the so-called to throw pon† Then Prime Minister Yves Leterme (CD&V) invited the Belgians to buy state bonds. The Treasury Department raised a record $5.7 billion. The most popular, five-year coupon, was accompanied by a 4 percent interest rate when issued.

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