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Stephanie loses father and sister after volcano erupts: ‘I am stronger than ever’

Australian Stephanie Provid tells her story about the day she ‘ruined her family’ 2.5 years after the play in 60 minutes on a TV show. She describes how suddenly black smoke came out of the volcano. “After a few seconds, the guide yelled, ‘Run.’ I thought I was really going to die.”

But Stephanie survived. She had been fighting for her life in a coma for two weeks. His sister Crystal and father Paul were killed, along with 22 others in the group. His mother did not go on a cruise to the volcano, which saved her life.

“A volcanic eruption that lasted a few minutes tore our family in half,” says Stephanie In 60 minutesNot only did she have to deal with the sudden loss of her sister and father, but also 70 percent of her burnt body. For more than two years, she had to wear compression masks and special clothes, and her face was hidden from the outside world.

Heavy activities

She decided to continue the progress of her recovery through social media. For several months, he underwent major surgery, including amputation of his fingers. Shared harsh photos of the effects of tertiary burns.

He believes that others will learn to live with their injuries and that they will, above all, be ‘comfortable in their own skin’. She can rethink her future in which she wants to work full time again, travel and take back her social life. “I’m stronger than I thought.”

Bear the pain

For Stephanie, however, the physical problems were not equal to the pain of missing her father and sister. “I want them to see that I endured the pain. I did not give up.”

She wants them to never be forgotten, so she will continue to tell the story.