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"Stranger Things" season 4 crossed 1 billion schedule |  Television

“Stranger Things” season 4 crossed 1 billion schedule | Television

TelevisionWe’ve known for some time that the fourth season of “Stranger Things” is very popular. After the last two episodes were released, Netflix has been down for some time in many countries. Meanwhile, the series has also reached a new milestone. According to the streaming platform, the milestone of 1 billion streams has now been surpassed.

In mid-June, it was already announced that Stranger Things is officially the most-watched English-language series on Netflix, but at the same time, viewing numbers have improved. After the release of the last two episodes, which can be seen on the streaming platform since Friday, July 1, the counter stands at 1.15 billion streams. The first seven episodes lasted about 930 million hours in their first 28 days of release. After the release of the eighth and ninth episodes, an additional 301 million streams were added.

second place

According to Netflix, “Stranger Things” is the first English-language series that has managed to collect such numbers. The series is not the most watched Netflix series to date. This honor goes to the South Korean series “The Squid Game”. The latter had 1.65 billion hours of screen time in the first 28 days after release.

However, there is a possibility that “Squid Game” will soon give up its title in the most-watched Netflix series. The last two episodes of Stranger Things have about three weeks to collect additional streams. These are then added to the total number of streams. With 1.15 billion streams already, the “Squid Game” series is already on its heels.

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