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Stress Tests and Suspicions in 'Blind Jumped': 'I'm Up All Night' |  TV

Stress Tests and Suspicions in ‘Blind Jumped’: ‘I’m Up All Night’ | TV

Fred is looking for a job that will make him happy to get up again in the morning. “I’ve been doing this for 12 years now and have been thinking for a while: Do I want to keep doing this? My wife gets up in the morning and leaves for work with full enthusiasm and energy. I’m jealous of it and that was my motivation to sign up. I also want to go to work,” Seemingly. But is he willing to forego his lovely €4,300 gross salary and the salary car for the sake of it? “This is one of the biggest stress points,” he says. “I know what I have, but soon I won’t have it anymore and I don’t know what it will replace.” In a conversation with Fred, it becomes immediately clear to experts what Fred does not want, but the question arises about his dream job. “If everything were possible, I would have become the coach of Al Ittihad tomorrow.” To test his stress level and technical skills, experts put him through a special test.

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Elijah from Waasmunster is brought to her new job blindfolded by Nora. The experts chose her as a childcare worker because she is social and caring. The welcome was very warm, but after her first acquaintance, doubts suddenly appeared. “He kept me up all night,” he said, tearing. “How will she be? Will I love her? Is this my life’s job then?” Her new employer tells Elijah exactly what her job requires and how much she will earn.

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