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Strike and flight booked with Ryanair?  Then you can only redeem the outbound flight |  my guide

Strike and flight booked with Ryanair? Then you can only redeem the outbound flight | my guide

Booked this weekend’s flight with Ryanair, and was it canceled due to the strikes? Then there is the possibility that only your outbound flight will be refunded. It happened to Clara Hammnecker and her family from Saint-Amands near Bourse. She testified at VTM Nieuws: “We definitely lost several hundred euros.”

Glenn Hicks

Ryanair’s cabin crew and pilots are on strike from Friday to Sunday. At least 180 flights have already been canceled on the first second day. So are Clara Hammnecker and her family. “Usually we left for Perugia in Italy on Saturday morning. However, we received an email from Ryanair that our flight was cancelled due to ‘unnecessary strikes by the Belgian Federation’.

“It’s very difficult for us to put off the holidays, so we decided to ask for our money back,” Clara told VTM Nieuws. “But when we wanted to do it, something crazy happened. We could only get a refund from our outbound trip. It seemed like the return trip a week later was still planned and could go on. But if we don’t get there, there is no point in the return trip. So I lost my money.”

Instead, Clara leaves for southern France by car: “I don’t dare book another flight anymore. I try not to let it get to me too much. I think it’s a shame they don’t refund the return flight, they didn’t tell you earlier.”

gray area

According to Test-Achats, this is a gray area. “European passenger law does not distinguish between a round trip and a return trip.” But according to Test-Aankoop, Ryanair must also make up for the return flight. “It is part of the same reservation. Moreover, Clara and her family did not reach their destination.”

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Clara Hammnecker was only compensated for her overseas trip. © VTM News