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Strong photo hits: “Heavy to look at”

Alexander Brox from Austent wins a geography photo contest in Africa with a snapshot of a hungry leopard falling on a zebra. The teacher waited six hours before taking this photo. “This is pure goosebumps.”

In daily life, Alexander Prox works as a part-time teacher in Gentbrook, where he works with Type 3 youth at BUSO. For the rest of his life, exiled West Fleming wants to go out armed with his camera. “I have long dreamed of going to Africa to photograph wildlife, but I wanted to master my camera technically first. Unfortunately, when the time came, the epidemic broke out. But last year the time came and we left for Africa for five weeks,” he says. Alexander.

Lightning speed

The trip began in the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, a vast area that flows through the Serengeti in Tanzania. “The tent camp where we were staying was guarded by Maasai to prevent lions or hyenas from entering. One of them drove us. These guests know the area and can observe the animals like others. The only condition is that you should not get out of the car. We will be there, and we will not return until about 7.30 pm.We followed four hungry leopards from valley to valley.At one point we were busy for about six hours and we saw the stars, but our driver showed us the zebras there.He immediately said: Leopards are insecure young cubs Everything went at lightning speed, the attack took place in a few seconds and I was able to create that image.

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Soon Alexander will be back in the vast world for many months. © Alexander Brock

Alexander took the picture from a distance of one hundred meters with a 500mm lens. “You were so focused on creating that image at the time, but really it was so HeavyPure goosebumps too. Especially when you see that mother eating her cubs 50 meters away. Nature is beautiful and brutal at the same time.

Love of nature

Alexander submitted this photo to the African Geography Photo Contest and received prizes from over 7,000 applicants. Prizes include a trip to Botswana and $ 5,000. “Honestly, I was not expecting it. Especially not when I see what other awesome photos are included.

Alexander is currently planning another big trip. “After the holidays, my friend and I went to spend eight months. We start in the Shetland Islands and then head towards Botswana. From there, it travels to Borneo to explore Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and the Polynesian islands. We will end up in Kazakhstan.

During their previous big trip in 2016, when they spent nine months on the Amazon bed, the interest in photography really increased. “But really, the love of nature started very early. I was born in Austen, but when I was six we moved to Woston. As a city boy, it was an adjustment, but the nearby bush opened my eyes. I still think it’s wonderful to wait for hours for that one photo. On the ground, but near.I’m going to be photographing owls tomorrow morning at the tent at Kalmtoutse Hyde.I have a few more animals on my wish list, yes I hope to photograph guacas, vampires and birds of paradise in the future, but of course the almost extinct Tasmanian devil.Final photo? Cloudy leopard (Cloudy leopard) or even more rare bay cat (Borneo golden cat). The local investigator has only seen the cat twice in 12 years. If I ever get something like that in front of my lens … aha. “

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