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Students are punished with wooden paddles, American school brings back corporal punishment

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A Missouri school district has decided to reintroduce corporal punishment. The decision was taken after a survey of parents.

The school approved a new decision in June, informing parents that teachers will once again be allowed to spank their children as a discipline. The district repealed those measures in 2001.

A survey was conducted with parents last year in which they indicated that more discipline was needed. “The complaints we’ve heard from some parents are that they don’t want their kids to be suspended. They want another option,” said the school’s Meryl Johnson. “So that’s another option we can use before we get to suspension.”

Corporal punishment will be used “as a last resort” and only “in a reasonable manner and on the recommendation of the director.” And only the director will execute those sentences always in the presence of witnesses. It will not be in front of other students. And no hitting on the head or face. The only allowable punishment was “beating the buttocks with a paddle.” Parents must sign the admission form. It is not yet clear how many parents will do this.


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