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Study on Frans Naerebout sheds new light

The name golf is certainly not an unknown name in Willingness. Father Golf was mayor of Wilmington from 1946 to 1967. Dirk Golf came to live in Wilmington at the age of eight, and remained there until he went to study in Leiden at the age of 19. “But of course I kept coming until my father lived there.” Dirk is an Emeritus professor at Golf Leiden University and met Franz Nairbout ten years ago. “During the French invasion in 1795 a historian came to me with the manuscript of a naval officer in Wilmington. That officer was also called golf. By the way, there was no contact. I went to find it. Then I came across the path of the French Neighborhood.”

Children’s books
Naerebout has already written in the past: poetry of praise and books for boys. “There’s a completely different picture of Nerpout. He’s a poor fisherman and many things are still not right.” Golf was able to gather a huge mountain of new facts about Naerebout. Golf: “It was amazing to find so much about him in the Navy archives in The Hague, but also in the municipal archives in Helbardierstraat at the time.” Naerebout is known as a human savior; In 1799 he rescued 71 travelers from Vostuin, who ran into a sandy beach on the Wilmington Road. Golf found that he had a lot more to say about him.

Dual biography
On Friday, April 29, his book ‘Franz Nairbout (1748-1818) and the Wilmington of his time’ will be published at the Town Hall in Wilmington. The pilot and citizen of a city fell ‘. “This is more than just an autobiography about Naerebout,” Golf explains. “I’m also going deep into the city of Wilmington at the time, and in a way it has become a double biography.” What Golf cared most about Vlissingen at the time was the weight of the city’s history. “Everything happened twice as violently than anywhere else in Wilmington. It’s really remarkable.” Golf found a lot of information about the period when Nairboat did not work as a pilot for VOC. “Like many pilots back then, he was very involved in measuring depth in the West Shell. Moving barrels at sea was also part of the job. Naerebout then returned to the Navy where he worked as a pilot.

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‘Frances Nyrebout (1748-1818) and the Wilmington of his time’ will be presented on Friday 29 April from 2pm to 4pm in Wilmington’s Town Hall. You can access the presentation for free and register by sending an email to: [email protected] Golf: “This is the first true autobiography about Nerpout. Usually only admirals get their own biography, and I hope I did justice to that person.”