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Summer weather is coming: temperatures hit 23 degrees next week, and then it could get warmer

Summer weather is coming: temperatures hit 23 degrees next week, and then it could get warmer

Wednesday It starts foggy here and there, but soon wide areas appear all over. From the west, the clouds will increase again, making it partly cloudy even with a local chance of showering, especially in the west, far east and southeast of the country. This was stated by RMI. The extremes fluctuate between 13 and 19 degrees.

Thursday It will be partly cloudy, with a chance of some local showers and even thunderstorms, especially along the border with Germany. Mercury climbs to 12 degrees by sea to 19 degrees in the center of the country.

And also Friday We have to count on changing clouds, but then the extremes will go up to 21 degrees.

In the weekend Clear skies and cloudy fields alternate with the chance of a few local showers. And locally a thunderstorm is not excluded. Temperatures rise to 20 degrees. Mother’s Day, Sunday, is sunny with a maximum temperature of 20 degrees.

from Monday The thermometer again indicates a sunny 20 degrees and that will be the case for the rest of the week, notes RMI. By the middle of next week, we could see temperatures hitting 23 degrees. And such high temperatures are somewhat higher than the climatic average.


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Also in neighboring countries

We will not only see such summer weather in our country. In France, they also have to deal with high temperatures. According to the weather channel No Shine Meteo You will get temperatures between 22 and 25 degrees there in the Loire from Monday. In the south of the country the temperature can range between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

In southern Germany, they are also expecting temperatures above 20 degrees from Monday. From Tuesday, it is possible to measure 25 degrees in some places, it seems. Just like with us, this will not be accompanied by heavy rain.

And with our northern neighbors, expect showers here and there next weekend, but also lots of sun. The extremes will fluctuate between 14 and 19 degrees on Saturday. On Sunday, warmer air blows over the country, causing temperatures ranging from 16 degrees in the north to more than 20 degrees in the interior. They also expect calm spring weather next week. The thermometer in several places will indicate more than 20 degrees. But again without much rain.


So a lot of rain is not planned. And we’re really coming out of a period when there was very little rain. For example, March has been the driest month in March since the beginning of the measurements. “I don’t see any improvement in the next 10 days,” weather worker Frank Debusser told Heat Newsblad earlier this week. We hardly expect any rain that might have any significance. A little rain here and there, but that’s not the kind of rain we want. Such rain falls in a short time and often does not have time to penetrate into the soil. What we need is rain falling for hours upon hours. This is not the case at the moment.”

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