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Super tip for promotional fighters.  Albert Heijn spreads with free products: Promotions from 1 + 1 to 1 + 5 (!) Free |  hunters promo

Super tip for promotional fighters. Albert Heijn spreads with free products: Promotions from 1 + 1 to 1 + 5 (!) Free | hunters promo

Department store chain Albert Heijn launches ‘combo promotions’. This means that when you buy a whole series of products, you get one to at least five (!) of the others for free. Online community members hunters promo belgium They really benefited and made it their super weekly tip for HLN readers.

The show runs until Sunday. This is how you get when you buy a bowl Spread Milka with Hazelnut Two free tiger loaves. As a result, you pay only 3.99 euros for the three products instead of 7.97 euros.

from bowl Witch nxl cheese In your cart, you can take three bags of Lay’s Bugles for free. Cost: 4.19 euros instead of 7.16 euros. Flask Dettol All Purpose Cleaner (Fresh Cotton) gives you three free bottles of Dettol All-Purpose Cleaner Spray (Tangerine & Lemon Blossom). You only pay 9.59 euros instead of 21.56 euros.

Other groups tobacco With free bananas (1 + 1), Bacon With free eggs (1 + 1), pork meat with free dandelion (1 + 1), mayonnaise With free fries (1 + 1) and cheese With free honey (1 + 1). There is also fresh pasta With free tomato sauce (1 + 4) packet jubbler With free chips (1 + 4) and a package coca cola With a free cheeseburger (1 + 4).

© Promo hunters Belgium

With the most impressive offers (1 + 5) there are Contact grill With free sandwiches, a bottle wine With free cheeses, a box toilet paper With free toilets and Air Fryer With free bags of bitterballen. A full overview can be found at The online volume of Albert Heijn.

In the Facebook group for promo hunters Members report on their trip to Albert Heijn. For example, Julie bought an air fryer with free bitterballen and paid €49.99 instead of €70.94.

Then Tanya bought Heks’nkaas XL with Bugles, Crispy Chicken Strips with Free Tortillas, Chinese Curry with Free Rice, and Bofortage with Free Powdered Sugar. “All the stuff I would have bought otherwise, now I’ve got half of it for free,” she says with relief.

Annelies said she saved €57 thanks to the upgrade, even Claudine saved nearly €100.

Bonus tip from Gunther Devisch: You can also save stamps as a gift. “You get a postage for every 10 euros, and if you have ten stamps, you get a gift,” he says. These are five free products worth €14.11 or more, depending on which gift you choose. this action It runs until September 25th.

This way you avoid a high end bill with variable power nodes

From bacon to scrambled eggs and cake, you can cook it all in the microwave to save money in the kitchen. Even the crunchy bacon is a cucumber. (+)

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