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Swirling Captor Expands Tomorrow's Tiny Tina Wonderland

Swirling Captor Expands Tomorrow’s Tiny Tina Wonderland

Gearbox Software announced that the first expansion of Wonders of Tiny Tina It will be available from tomorrow. This is the first release in a four-planned series for season one titled “Coiled Captors”. With the announcement, the developer released some details, which are as follows:

The Coiled Captors movie begins in the Dreamveil Overlook, where the mysterious fortune teller is waiting for Vesper. Centuries ago, the coiled naga had its greatest catch: an ancient deity. They trapped the creature in the body of a powerful, sharp-toothed, leathery sea worm, and placed them in deep cages in an iceberg. Only you have the power to free him from his fleshly prison, but that means wading through winter wastelands, barren ruins and caves full of enemies.

  • The new leader “Chums” the ancient god, with four powerful forms unleashed over time. Vesper stories are designed to be replayed so you can test your skills in the face of this increasing difficulty.
  • New loot to collect, including weapons, gear, and cosmetics. Each time you defeat the increasingly terrifying shapes of the ultimate boss, you’ll earn Lost Souls that allow you to spin Vesper’s Wheel of Fate. Rotating this fearsome device will earn you weapons, legendary gear, and other items.
  • New content for the chaos room. Completing Coiled Captors also adds the corresponding and boss levels to Chaos Chamber, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands endless replayable endgame. This expands the myriad of combos in your randomized dungeon, making each round unpredictable.

The expansion is part of the Season Pass, but will also be available separately. Below is the Captors roll trailer.

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