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Taiwan begins military exercises to simulate response to Chinese attack

Taiwan begins military exercises to simulate response to Chinese attack

The Taiwanese army on Tuesday launched military exercises to simulate the defense of the island nation in the event of a Chinese invasion. The exercises are taking place at a time when Beijing is holding major military exercises nearby.

Army spokesman Lu Wei Jie confirmed that the exercises in the southern province of Pingtung began shortly after 2:40 a.m. BST. He added that the simulation lasted two hours. The Taiwan authorities had already announced the exercises on Tuesday and Thursday. The spokesman said the exercises are not in response to the ongoing Chinese exercises.

Tuesday morning, according to the news agency Reuters About twenty Chinese and Taiwanese sea boats near the central line of the Taiwan Strait. An anonymous source told the news agency that some Chinese boats briefly tried to cross the unofficial buffer zone anyway.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu described the Chinese military exercises as a pretext to prepare for the invasion of Taiwan. During a press conference in Taipei, he said they are not impressed with China’s military resilience. He urged international support to ensure “peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” “China is engaged in large-scale military exercises, missile launches, cyber attacks, a campaign of disinformation and economic coercion in an effort to demoralize the Taiwanese people.”

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